Concrete fence posts and why they are such a good idea


So has your fence fallen over?

Well, you may now be calling around many fencing contractors asking for quotes.

And surely it’s best just to go with the cheapest quote that gets offered, right?

Well, this does depend, as would expect the largest expense a fencing company will have is often the bill it will get from the timber yard.

So this is where some company’s start to economise, and by that we mean look for the cheapest wood, and this is where your new fence may not be much quality as cheap wood may be used.

What you really need is a quality wooden fence, made from good quality timber, and built by an experienced fencing company, that’s what we can offer.

So if you live within Cardiff, and your thinking about which garden fence to opt for, well why not have a think about getting a fence built using concrete posts?

Don’t let your fencing contractor scrimp on your fence posts

Wood rot is often the main cause for why a fence that falls over, that’s to say in strong winds, often during the winter weather the fence may fall over.

And here within Britain we have a rather damp climate, which makes us an ideal country for wood rot to eat through the wood.

Sometimes no matter how much wood preservatives, wood paint or fence paint you apply, the wood may still rot underneath.

This is why so many homeowners are now asking us to use concrete posts instead.

Concrete posts

Opting for concrete posts often will not be that much more expensive option when compared to wooden fence posts, yet it is a very good option to choose.

Many company’s for example, that do not want to be maintaining their fences often will opt for concrete posts. This is why many company’s call Hyden Bros, as we are also a commercial fencing company, and we serve the whole of Cardiff, so we can offer:

  • Commercial fencing
  • Residential fencing
  • Wooden decking
  • Wooden summerhouses
  • Log-cabins
  • Luxury fencing, using red cedar and other hardwoods

Concrete posts can therefore replace wooden posts, as they normally have steel rebar in the middle, then they are encased with concrete, and because there’s no wood, wood rot can not damage the post.

Don’t suffer from wood rot

So that’s exactly the main reason why concrete posts are chosen, often two neighbours may well be purchasing the fence together, so often they want a garden fence that will last a long time.

And this is why concrete posts are chosen. Plus once this type of timber fencing gets combined with good quality feather edge, this is when you will have a high-quality fence built by us.

Plus, because we have a large team of workers, and we have equipment such as nail guns, well, we can often build your new fence quickly.

Many homeowners within Cardiff now want a low-maintenance fence

Low-maintenance gardens are now becoming more and more popular within Cardiff. And this stands to reason, as more and more of us are leading busier lives, we simply have not got the free time to be maintaining our gardens.

So often patio areas are built, and certain plants are chosen that require less maintenance.

Also Cardiff fencing contractors, like Hyden Bros are asked to build solid wooden fencing that will require less maintenance. And this is when we often recommend using concrete posts.

Works well with feather edge fencing

So you may currently be landscaping your garden, that’s to say plants may well be getting replaced, the old wooden shed knocked down, and you may well be thinking of replacing the garden fence.

Well, if you were to ask us, which type of wooden fencing we would recommend that works well with concrete posts, we would often say, feather edge.

Live in Cardiff and would like a free quote?

We can offer a free quote for summerhouses, log cabins, wooden fencing and decking to residents that live within Cardiff, or the Penarth, which is in the Vale of Glamorgan.

So we can therefore offer the following services:

·        Quality log cabins

·        Wooden summerhouses

·        Quality wooden decking

·        Quality fencing, such as feather edge, red cedar, hit and miss and panel fencing.

If you would like a free quote, then why not call us?



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