Has your garden fence blown over in strong winds?


As autumn and winter fast approaches one thing is for certain, that is the weather will often get a lot worse.

Strong winds, rain and also snow can mean that our garden fences and wooden decking have to brave a lot out there in the harsh weather conditions.

So, if your garden fence has succumbed to strong winds, then we have a range of different wooden fencing options that you may wish to choose.

Are you looking for a strong garden fence?

Well, a strong type of wooden fencing would be feather edge fencing. However, with that said it does depend on which fencing contractor you do hire within Cardiff, South Wales.

And that’s because if the fence posts are not cemented into the ground enough, or let’s say that the fence slats are made from low-quality wood and then split where nails have been used, well, that type of garden fence might not last that long at all.

So, what’s the solution?

 Well, we would recommend hiring an experienced fencing company, like Hyden Bros that will make sure that your fence is built extra strong.

Therefore, we believe that the fence should:

·        Have thick wooden fence posts and  the fence posts should offer strong support to the fence

·        The fencing slats should be high-quality, i.e not prone to split easily and made of good quality wood

·        Galvanised nails should be used, so that the steel does not rust that easily

·        Quality timber should be used throughout

·        Deep post holes should be dug into the ground

·        Enough concrete should be used to make sure that the fence posts is solid

·        The right concrete mix should be used, too weak and the fence posts, and the entire fence could move in the wind

·        You may then want the fence to be painted?

What other types of fencing would you recommend?

We also strongly recommend opting for hit and miss, or hardwood fencing.

Hardwood fencing is a lot more expensive, due to the wood being more expensive to purchase at the timber yard.

However, many homeowners throughout Cardiff, South Wales are opting for hardwood fencing because it looks different from your more popular fencing options.

Pick a fencing contractor that has a lot of fencing experience

It’s fair to say that some garden maintenance companies may offer a really low quote to build your new garden fence.

However, if the fence posts start moving, because the fencing contractor has not dug deep holes into the ground, and the fence subsequently falls overs, well that cheap quote may well be a false economy.

This is why many homeowners within Cardiff are hiring us as their fencing contractor, that’s because we only build high-quality wooden fencing.

We also build summerhouses, as well as wooden decking, so if you want to improve your garden then why not call Hyden Bros?

Our business is based in:  130 Ton-Yr-Ywen Avenue Heath CF144PD and our number is: 07395778598

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