Is your garden ready for autumn?


It’s that time of year again, where the leaves start to fall, and our gardens have to brave another cold stint.

So, we always think it’s a good idea to give your garden a bit of an MOT, that’s before jack frost does finally arrive.

This means checking whether your garden is ready for winter or not, so we thought we would write this rather helpful guide to assist you in getting your garden ready.

Garden decking in need of replacement?

Its often during the cold, wet weather that wood rot gets accelerated, this means that your wooden decking may become weak.

This is why so many homeowners call us, that’s not just to replace garden fencing, but also to replace wooden decking as well.

Sometimes the wooden joists can still be strong, so sometimes we will not need us to replace them, which can sometimes save you the expense of wooden joists.

Sometimes therefore we can just replace the wooden decking, then screw the wooden decking planks back onto the existing wooden joists.

However sometimes the wooden decking has wood rot, and so has the wooden joists. So this means that both the wooden joists and wooden decking will need replacing.

Have you painted your fence?

Some homeowners think that painting their fence is a bit of a chore, however if you paint your fence a different colour, well this can help to brighten up your garden.

It can help to transform the appearance of your garden, and a popular colour of fence paint we find is olive green.

So during the winter nights, when the weather is rather miserable, and its wet and cold outside, well your fence can look bright and help to enhance your garden.

Have you considered adding ever green plants?

It’s all well and good hiring a fencing contractor in Cardiff to build a new fence as well as wooden decking, but what if your garden doesn’t have many plants?

So, when the cold weather does come, well your garden may look a bit empty, and just full of dead leaves which may have fallen from the nearby trees?

So what’s the solution?

Well, why not have evergreen plants growing within your garden? This way when you look out from your patio doors in Cardiff, and look over your garden during the winter and you will have some plants that are still green.

Plus you will also have our garden fencing built.

Why not think about creating a low-maintenance garden?

We all have busy lives, so often we will not have much time to dedicate to improving our gardens.

Often trees can become overgrown, garden fences that could be in need of repair, well are instead left to fall over within our gardens, and there might not be that many plants or flowers.

So what’s the solution?

Well, we would strongly recommend creating a low-maintenance garden, so this means that you wont just be just ready for the cold autumn, but also the rest of the year as well.

So why not let us help you create a low-maintenance garden, by hiring us to build a new solid garden fence for you?

We can build feather edge fencing, which means that this is a very durable type of fence.

Have you created a wood store?

Log burners are now very popular, we have therefore been asked by many homeowners to build garden fencing, yet we then sometimes get asked to build a wood store as well.   

As we build many different types of wooden fencing, such as using red cedar wood, and pine, we have carpenters that work for us full-time that can build other wooden items other than just garden fencing.

Our carpenters therefore often get asked if we can build a wood store next to the new fencing that we have built.

And if you have a log burner, and your currently getting your garden ready for autumn and winter, then why not have a wood store built?

After all those logs need to be kept as dry as possible.

We cover the whole of Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan and also all of Cardiff

Its not too late to hire us to build new wooden fencing, wooden decking, or even a log cabin.

That’s because Hyden Bros works right across Penarth, as well as Cardiff.

We also offer free quotes, so if you would like a new fence or decking built before the weather gets really cold, well, why not give us a call?

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