Why replace one flimsy garden fence with another one?


Okay, so picture the scene, you’ve just woken up, about to grab a cup of coffee, then you have a glance at your garden, and there lays in your garden your fence, and it’s in bits!

That’s right on your lawn is your garden fence, this now means that wooden slats are laying right across the grass, your plants may also be crushed by the weight of the wooden fence that has just fallen. So now you now have nothing marking where your wooden fence once stood, and where next doors garden now starts.

So that plan to watch the rugby or the football over the weekend, well, that idea is now well and truly out of the window!

So now you have to purchase nails, fencing panels, wooden posts, concrete and many more items to make sure that you can build your fence over the weekend and fix the garden fence that has fallen over.

However, this is where you might want to pause for just a second, and you might want to think to yourself, well, if that wooden panel fence you bought from the same place last time didn’t last all that long, well, what’s to say the next fence will last that long?

That’s to say do you really want to be replacing your garden fence every few years?

Well, most homeowners do not, and that’s why they hire us, we offer free quotes throughout Cardiff, plus we can build our wooden fences quickly.

That way the fence gets built, and you can enjoy the rugby and your whole weekend without having to worry about building a brand new wooden fence.

So here’s the various types of wooden fencing that we can build:

Feather edge

So, if your looking for a robust garden fence, and your looking for a fencing contractor that knows how to build a strong garden fence for you, well why not call Hyden Bros?

We have built countless feather edge fences, that’s for both residential customers, but also company’s that need a fence built quickly.

Here’s how we make our feather edge fences so strong:

A good amount of concrete

As an experienced fencing contractor we are absolutely fed up with seeing other fencing companies build garden fences only for the wooden fence posts not to be embedded in enough concrete.

This is a common problem, as in a rush a worker may dig a very shallow hole in the soil, then just use a small amount of quick drying concrete.

Sometimes the concrete mix to sand is very weak, so even when the concrete does dry, well, the sandy concrete is not sufficient for holding the post in place, and during strong winds, the whole garden fence may just fall over.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is rather simple, a right amount of concrete needs to be used, and the post holes need to be dug deep.

Plus, if a mini-excavator needs to be used then it should be, that’s in order to remove obstructions in the ground like old concrete, that might be preventing the fencing contractor from digging the holes for the fence posts.

Good quality wood, don’t settle for anything less

There are so many cheap and low-quality fencing products that are for sale, however as the old saying goes, “you do get what you pay for”.

However Hyden Bros is different, our fencing contractor only collects wood from timber yards that we know will offer us top quality wood.


Let’s say you don’t want to take much time off work when your new timber fence is being built, and you need the new fence built quickly, well theres no point in hiring a fencing business that’s going to take forever and a day building the fence.

And this can sometimes happen, and that’s because some companies are more used to building driveways, cutting down trees or let’s say offering general landscaping work.

But Hyden Bros is different, we are a company that specialises in building just wooden fences and also wooden decking.

So this means that we have experienced carpenters that work for us, our experienced carpenters also have good quality tools, such as nail guns, this speeds up the entire fence building process.


So why replace one flimsy garden fence with another?

So before you start looking in your garden shed for your hammer and nails, pause for a second, wouldn’t it save you a lot of time if we built your garden fence for you?

Just imagine all that digging for the post holes, getting all that wood from the timber yard, and then all the work to make sure that the fence is aligned and well-built, its a lot of work, so why not hire us instead?

Many homeowners in Cardiff already have, and they have commented how good their new garden fence looks and also how affordable our quotes are.

Plus, we can also dispose of your old garden fence for you, so that’s right no queuing down the rubbish dump, and getting your car messy with all that wood and soil that may need removing from your garden so that your new garden fence in Cardiff can be built.

So if you are looking for a reliable fencing company in Cardiff, then why not call us?

We can get rid of your old garden fence for you as well. Plus, if you want to save some more time we can even paint your wooden fence for you.

So why not call us for a quote today?

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