Which fencing contractor should we choose?

It’s at this time of year just before the weather finally starts to improve, that people often want to start making improvements to their gardens.

That’s to say after the cold weather starts to finally show signs of disappearing, most of us start to think of the hot summer weather that’s often just around the corner.

Yet, this is often where the difficult decision has to be made by the homeowner, that’s to say, which fencing contractor should they choose within Cardiff?

There are loads of fencing companies to choose from here in Wales, some may well be garden maintenance businesses, and some other businesses may specialise just in building garden fences.

So, we thought that a quick guide explaining what we think you should look for when choosing a fencing contractor would help a lot of people out.

Does the business offer general garden services?

Some companies offer a truly massive range of garden services. These garden services can range from removing unwanted tree stumps, through to offering to cut back an old hedge row.

It’s these types of businesses that frequently offer to install timber fencing as well. Yet, we always think it’s far better to choose a company that specialises solely in just building wooden fences.

The reason being is that if the fence is not built to be solid and robust, well often the fence will not last as long at all. So, we think its always better to choose an experienced fencing business, like Hyden Bros.

For example, if the holes where the wooden posts for the fence are to be set, if these are not dug to a deep enough depth, the whole fence may well move around in the wind. Also, if your garden is on a slight slope, often the less experienced fencing companies may install a fence which is wonky.

So, we always state that if your thinking of getting your fence built, why not choose a specialist fencing contractor like Hyden Bros? Here’s why so many homeowners choose us:

  • We serve the whole of Cardiff and Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan
  • We only use quality timber
  • We have highly skilled carpenters able to build any type of Garden fence
  • Our prices are affordable

Are they based in Cardiff?

Sometimes when your looking for a Cardiff fencing business online, loads of fencing businesses will appear, yet sometimes some companies may well be based outside of the city of Cardiff.

Hyden Bro’s are based here within Cardiff, so we will be able to visit you quickly, so that you can obtain a quote in practically no time at all.

Sometimes if the business is based further afield, well you may well be waiting a lot longer to obtain a quote.

Do they offer you loads of choice?

Every garden is different, so why should you have to accept a bog-standard type of fence?

For example, if you want a more luxurious type of fence then you may opt for a hardwood fence.

An example of a hardwood fence would be a red cedar fence. Alternatively, you may want an inexpensive type of fence, one which marks out the boundary between your front lawn and your neighbour’s front lawn, a good example of such a fence would be a picket fence.

What’s the companies reviews like?

Each and every year a bunch of brand new fencing companies get started within Cardiff, yet these businesses often haven’t obtained many reviews from customers as of yet.

This is why so many homeowners choose Hyden Bros instead, as we have built countless wooden fences and garden gates within Cardiff, so it’s very easy for us to show to our customers our excellent feedback that we have received from many of our previous customers.

Do not settle for substandard fencing

Some companies offer very cheap quotes, yet if the fence posts are thin, and the wooden slats used are of a cheap quality then often the fence will not last that long. The cold weather in this country, coupled with the wet weather conditions means that cheap wood is often susceptible to wood rot.

That’s to say often cheap and low-quality fencing can mean that the fence will start to deteriorate and sometimes fast.

This is why when ever we are building a garden fence, we use high-quality wood.

Able to complete large fencing contracts quickly

Some gardens within Cardiff are truly large, some properties may even have many acres of land.

In this case often the homeowner doesn’t want a fencing contractor to be working for most of the summer building their new fence. That’s to say the banging of a hammer, and cutting of wood for a prolonged time can get annoying to say the least.

This is why so many companies, and homeowners choose Hyden Bros, as we can complete most contracts quickly.

We can do this because we have a reliable team of workers, and equipment such as mini-diggers which means we can build fences quickly.

Able to demonstrate many years of experience in building wooden fences

A well-constructed fence can drastically improve the appearance of any garden. We have many years of experience building fences, that’s from feather edge fences, right through to fences that have been built totally from scratch.

We are also able to listen to bespoke designs that our customers may wish to create, then with the skill of our team of carpenters we are able to bring that design to life.

Custom built gates

Many properties within the city of Cardiff have driveways which are entered via wooden gates.

Often many homeowners want their gates made from a wood type that they specify and to a design that they like. We are able to design bespoke gates, that will compliment your home.

Rock-solid garden fencing

Homeowners will appoint a Cardiff fencing company because they want a rock-solid fence, one that is robust and built by experts.

This is where Hyden Bro’s is often chosen. Whether you want a hit and miss fence, or a feather edge fence we can help.

All of our fences are built to be rock-solid, as we take great pride in every aspect of our work.

Does the business offer free quotes?

Our business offers free quotes, so that’s even more of an incentive to pick-up the phone and give us a call.

Did we mention we also build timber decking as well?

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy your garden than by having a well-constructed wooden deck installed.

We use high-quality wood, plus we carefully plan how we will install the decking. Then once constructed you will have a great place to relax and enjoy the summer weather.

Sure, a lot of homeowners do build there wooden decking themselves. Yet, more often than not a lot of homeowners can misestimate how much time and money the wood costs.

Building a solid deck, with solid joists to support the deck often takes a lot of time. As we install wooden decking very frequently, we are able to save you time.

Why not give us a call today?



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