We need a new garden fence within Cardiff, which option will best suit our garden?


There are simply tons of various fence designs to choose from. This can range from impressive hardwood red cedar fences, right through to your more popular options, like pine feather edge fencing.

But we know that people buy garden fencing for different reasons. For instance, some people want a simple and cheap way of marking out where their land starts and ends. Some other people want a really hardwearing type of fence, able to last a long time, some others may want a garden fence so that their dogs are safely enclosed.

So, we have written this rather helpful article, this will walk you through some of the more common options that homeowners opt for. We will also explain the benefits of opting for each type of fence.

Please note we install wooden fencing all over Cardiff, and we also offer no obligation quotes.

What is a feather edge fence?

Don’t be confused by the rather confusing name, as feather edge fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing there is.

It’s so popular that as you walk down most streets you will be easily able to spot this type of wooden fence.

Even though most homes have this type of fencing, there are still some serious advantages that can be offered from feather edge.

These advantages are that feather edge is a very hard wearing yet affordable fencing option. You will also see this type of fence used in many commercial premises right across Cardiff, such as in car parks.

The reason that so many businesses choose this type of fence is that it needs very little maintenance. Best of all, we can even offer to paint your fence for you.

Feather edge is therefore very hardwearing and can be considered a more robust fence.

What’s a picket fence?

Sometimes a homeowner will not want to block the sunlight out too much within their garden, that’s within their own property, and also on their neighbours side of the fence.

Some garden fencing, such as close board fencing can block the sunlight out at different times of the day. This obviously means that some homeowners will struggle to grow plants, and vegetables that are planted very close to the fence.

The ideal solution is to opt for a fence that lets the light flood through, yet still act as a form of marker to show where one garden stops, and another starts.

The ideal solution is a picket fence, this is an inexpensive option, plus our fencing company can install such a fence in a short space of time.

What’s a hit and miss fence?

Okay, so you may have already heard of the two previous types of wooden fences, however we bet you haven’t heard of hit and miss?

Hit and miss garden fencing is becoming more and more popular within Cardiff. For those homeowners that want a more interesting design, then hit and miss wooden fencing is a brilliant option.

That’s because this type of timber fence is less common, yet offers a brilliant solution if you do not want feather edge.

The fence can also allow some sunlight to flood through, that’s because the wooden slats are placed on opposing sides of the wooden rail. This way sunlight can still come through the opening.

How should we decide on which Cardiff fencing company to choose?

Let’s face it, there are tons of companies that can install a timber fence. Some of these companies offer a massive range of services as well.

This means these companies can offer tree surgery services, right through to installing wooden decking.

However, here at Hyden Bros we are different, we are specialists, and we only install the highest quality timber fences, and also wooden decking.

We believe this gives us the edge, that’s because day in, day out, we are installing fine quality work right across Wales.

What areas does your business cover?

No matter if would like an affordable option, or a hardwood fence, we can offer you the perfect solution.

Our business also covers a massive area, that’s the whole of Cardiff, and also most of South Wales.

We also have a friendly estimating team, which means that we can pop-out and see you at a time best suited to you.

But what if I am unsure as to which garden fencing option I want?

A lot of our customers call us to have a new fence installed, yet right at the very start quite often they are unsure as to which option to go for.

But do not worry, as we can bring examples of our work, and the high-quality timber fencing that we have installed right throughout the city.

We can then offer you which options that may work best within your garden, and explain the advantages of all the different types of fences.

Best of all, we offer free no obligation quotes, so why not give Hyden Bros a call today?

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